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Our Story

The Dairy Shack has been a staple in the little community of Eminence, and Shannon County as a whole since 1968. Starting out we were known as the Dairy Isle, which was a franchised business. Once the franchise dissolved our name was changed to the Dairy Hut and then in 1997 became what we are known as today, The Dairy Shack!

We offer some of, if not THE best, burgers around and ice cream to boot. Root beer floats, sundaes, banana splits, cobbler and soo much more!! If you get here when it's hot outside, grab you a big cup of hand squeezed lemonade or fresh brewed daily tea. If neither of those sound good, then go for a nice cold Dr. Pepper filled with our sought-after classic ice chunks! Our burgers are 100% pure Angus beef and are the best around! (So we are told!) We fix ‘em up how you like and then try to get them to you nice and hot! We are NOT a fast-food restaurant as none of our orders are cooked ahead of time. We cook the tickets in the order we get them which means you will ALWAYS get fresh food every time!

We are here to serve you as best we can and strive to make your visit as good as ever! We appreciate everyone who stops by and sees us! 

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